MobileOCS™ - The Simple, Powerful Mobile Publishing System


directory app

A shared contact list of names or organizations with links to dial phone numbers, send messages, or map locations.



schedule app

Publish a recurring schedule, the agenda for a special event, or a calendar of upcoming dates which can be updated regularly.


General Info

brochure app

Use this flexible template for sharing info about a specific product or service, or use it as a general mobile website.


The MobileOCS publishing system allows allows business large and small to quickly and easily share information in a mobile-optimized format. Only the most basic computer skills are required. Sample uses include directories of people or organizations, schedules for events, and dining menus.

MobileOCS produces a mobile web version of information entered or uploaded by our users. That means it becomes immediately available on almost any device - Apple, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and even desktop computers. We're different than other "app makers" in that all design decisions are built-in to our templates. All the user needs to do is provide the information they wish to share.

The system provides convenient tools to help users publicize their information via social media, html links, or by QR code. Information can be made available to the public, or secured by different levels of password protection to limit use to a specific audience.

To learn more, have a look at our free video tutorials: View Tutorials

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Each directory is $29.95 per month. There are no setup fees and you can cancel at any time. To get started, click the button below to set up your account and first directory.

Resale Opportunities

We are looking for additional resale partners to serve additional markets, and offer generous revenue sharing opportunities. We partner with existing service businesses as well as startups with creative concepts for marketing the MobileOCS system.